Bastet Web Studio

Design and Development in Olympia, WA


I am a native Ecuadorian, born in Guayaquil, a city that's also a cultural melting pot for food, sports and arts. My father, a life long Artist Painter and my mother, a professional Dressmaker gave me the tools to work into what I am today.

I studied Advertising at the Universidad Estatal de Guayaquil before moving to the town I call home now, Olympia, in 2005. I added Web Design and Development to my knowledge arsenal, which I learned at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA. I was mesmerized at how text translates into a beautiful visual. The Web still amazes me, and I love keeping up with what's developing every day.

After moving to Olympia, I found myself discovering new ways to express my creativity , and fell in love with the stage. I studied Middle Eastern Dance for a few years, and became part of a major local Belly Dance company. My love for stage transformed into something bigger and I am now part of a local Burlesque and Variety performance company where I not only perform but also I am the person behind the marketing aspect of the troupe. I also make my own costumes!

I am also a photography aficionado, although I'm more of an editor. You can see some of my nature/outdoor photos on my Facebook page. My husband is largely responsible for other things that I do for fun around town and at home, he introduced me to the Swing Bike and the CB radio. We go to festivals every summer and haul our bikes with us, turning heads every way (Your bike is broken! *No, it's a Swing bike!).

Don't forget to look at my portfolio!